With franchising Vapor System to wash and sanitize everything

The innovative steam cleaning service at home. Vapor System is a dynamic young company which deals with mobile car wash steam at home.

And the only company capable of offering multiple solutions. Try cleaning, disinfection and sanitation of cars, campers and boats at home with the use of steam.

The company is able to employ the technology of steam in all sectors and for all surfaces, mixing the right detergents based on the work carried out and, thanks to the mobility of all machinery, has the ability to intervene directly in home even in the most unlikely places.

Vapor System can guarantee service in all sectors, health, education, transport, all means furniture, including ambulances.

The company takes care of the domestic spaces dell’igienizzazione smacchiando sofas, carpets and upholstered furniture, sanitizing tile floors or cooking.

Since 2012 Vapor System proposes the opening of franchised centers with a minimum initial investment of € 9,800.00. The contribution of advertising is included in the initial investment. The franchisor provides its affiliates the know-how to steer them in the various fields of application Vapor System provides for the opening of 30 new franchise centers. Entering the most innovative franchise means part of a large and untapped market.


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