ITALIAN HOLIDAY: The franchise rents most advanced in the service of affiliates and not only

We specialize in the leasing of your rental properties and we are developing an expansion in Italy through capillary enhancement, growth and development of Estate Agents affiliated quality to create a network of the highest standard.
ITALIAN HOLIDAY is a young and experienced team, based on decades of experience of its founders, gained in the real estate industry, in business management, communication and marketing, not to allow your property to rent becoming our catalyst and the first conductor image, outside of our agencies.

Constantly improving and growing, ITALY HOLIDAY believes that specialization and satisfaction market rental housing is the winning strategy of the business.

ITALIAN HOLIDAY is the innovative real estate franchise that has as its focus the satisfaction of franchisees. The constant commitment of the franchisor is designed to offer competitive advantages to affiliates and customers to the business growth over the years, the market of houses for rent, in a market that is virtually unaffected by the crisis.
ITALIAN HOLIDAY is a project that offers real opportunities for real estate agents, entrepreneurs and enterprising young people who want to project a future, both professional and personal, thanks to an established brand and a unique organization.

ITALIAN HOLIDAY meet goals through a value-based management, satisfaction, on concrete, on the enhancement and growth of the affiliates to offer the customer a high quality of service, so that your houses for rent, become a real encouragement.


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