Franchise rentals: ITALIAN HOLIDAY, below, explains the aspects that characterize the start-up costs

ITALIAN HOLIDAY is the brand franchise rents to which you want to join it is first necessary that the potential candidate to complete a series of assessments and estimates of the activities that will be carried out. By means of a feasibility study, which ITALIAN HOLIDAY take place on the territory of reference, so as to define the future 300×300 Open your own Agency Italy Holiday… here’s how the business iniziareprofittabilità designed.

As a first step it is necessary that the candidate ‘s ability to determine the initial investment that is to quantify with precision the money available for the full launch of the activity, considering both the capital is owned by any third-party funding. The initial investment is variable depending on the industry in which we will always operate on the basis of what are the expectations ITALIAN HOLIDAY puts its affiliate. The startup capital is a resource required to meet the investment relating to the renting of the premises, rental franchise network in the entrance to the initial filling of products and furnishing of the activity.

The rent of the premises:

Costs vary on the basis of the contract, affecting factors relating to:

  • all’ampizza of the choice
  • the location
  • the state of the construction
  • to stacking it in the register of properties

The decor:

The leyout ITALIAN HOLIDAY, what is there is more on the outside, we do so first of encouragement and promotion business card for anyone who comes into our agencies. The cost for the decor of the room is a function of the building. And ‘ possible to estimate an average investment in furniture, displays, machinery and equipment amounted to € 1,500 per square meter, but also something less, depends on the chosen provider.


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